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Saturday 4 June 2022

“Abacus Night”

Two Short Dramatic Scenes

and New Art by Menna Abera

Saturday, June 4 at Roast in Rotterdam

In order of performance:


A one-act

by Dana Roskey

Cast of Characters:

DICTATOR          Marcus Karlsson

MIR                     Dana Roskey


A one-act

by Dana Roskey


Flo         Sarah Nauta

Cy:         Matteo Pasquini

Marcus Karlsson (DICTATOR) is a 41 year-old Swedish amateur actor that’s been living in the Netherlands since 2008. He started acting in 2017 and this will be his third production with 7MRP and Dana Roskey. It’s absolutely amazing to be back on stage after two difficult years. 

Matteo Pasquini (CY) is trained as an actor and has performed in several stage and screen productions. He is quite active also as playwright and director. In this reading he will play Cy, an ex-husband with a passion for singing in code.

Sarah Nauta (FLO) is an actress in Dutch TV and film. She is also singer-songwriter, and she is currently working on her debut EP with her sister Julia. See more at

Dana Roskey (MIR) is a teacher, writer and director living in Rotterdam. These two short plays were the result of a challenge presented by Matteo: two characters and an object. Check out his blog for entries about this experience.

Menna Alemu is a contemporary watercolour artist, illustrator, and pattern designer living in Rotterdam. You can find her work on her website and Instagram page.

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€5 Event Price

for those who did not complete the survey

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