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It’s going to be hard returning this book to the library. I enjoyed reading it more than I can say. ‘The Master and Margarita’ was written by Mikhail Bulgakov between 1928 and his death in 1940. It wasn’t published until 26 years after he died. Though Joseph Stalin admired and protected him, most of his work was banned, and it was torture. Bulgakov was a playwright and physician, son of a theologian, and a veteran of the Russian Revolution. He was a creature of his times, and a victim of them. ‘The Master and Margarita’ was a comment on Soviet society, but much more. It was satire and comedy, commentary and good story-telling. Satan visits Moscow and causes havoc. An author called the Master writes about Pontius Pilate and his interview with Jesus. I enjoyed this book so much, I’ve started a short play inspired by it, called ‘Levi’. I hope to stage it with my friend Matteo’s play ’16 Minutes’ this fall.

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